Bell Rock Cactus Ashtray / Trinket Dish
Agate Band Geode Inspired Painting
Crystal Popsockets
Rainbow Aura Druzy Chalcedony Rose
Christmas Ornaments
Large Rainbow Druzy Amethyst Cluster Cactus
Amethyst Candleholder with Tea Light
Spirit Cactus Quartz
Mystery Crystal Egg
June 2022 - The Collection
Album Keychain
Yellow Bee Mask Hanger
Blood Red Phone Grip (Popsocket)
Crystal Popsockets
Rare Pink Amethyst Cat Head
Tiny Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore)
Resin Creations
Galaxy Resin Painting
Lithium Mica (Lepidolite Mica)
Pink and Cream Marble Glass Crystal Tray
Tumbled Carnelian
Wrapped Pendants by Lyss